Snapshot : Can We Love Korean Drama 2014

Funny and interesting story line! I did not expect to finish first episode at first but I am hooked up and now I already finish episode 4. Just waiting the subtitle for the next episode. Can We Love have a great cast, likeable character (some is annoying!) and good main plot. Synopsis Can We Love […] My Download Blog Incoming search terms: ending ariana rose (7),film malaysia project memikat suami (4),bukan kerana aku tak cinta episode 6 (… Continue reading

A quick impression of movies I watched in 2011.

…for revenge. Totally amazing, and a movie I have to write something more about. Made me laugh out loud with happiness during a late movie scene where the serial killer shakes his head in amazement and says “This guy is crazy.” 25. Inside – great french horror film. Two ladies in a house. One is pregnant and one has a pair of scissors. Clearly made by people who love horror movies. 26. Insidious – The previews for thi… Continue reading

English Adult Story – Chudai in Punjab

…d nipples un-guarded against my drooling lips and tongueI decided to go for her nipples first and taste them. So now i pulled her closer and as i placed my right hand on her left boob and feel it harden, i let my tongue go crazy on her right nipple and lick it slowly at first, the mere touch of my tongue on her nipple made her moan loudly and she just grasped at my hairs with her hand and now i started to suck and bite her nipples as i sque… Continue reading

Kuroko’s Basketball Second Season Episode 28-33

I like to watch anime with bunch of episode rather than waiting weeks by weeks. Kuroko’s Basketball is on my watching list today. So I finished the latest 5 episodes and wow! it is brilliant anime. The animation is wonderful and we can felt the pressure of each player, weigh behind the ball and the […] My Download Blog Incoming search terms: full episode aku ada wali (2),geng tube tonton projek memikat suami episode (2),bukan karena… Continue reading

Plot : Kasih Berbisik 2014 Drama TV3 Lestary Slot

Primeworks Studios and MediaCorp Eaglevision will produce new drama on TV3 entitled “Kasih Berbisik”. The drama starring by Keith Foo, Nora Danish and Tasha Shila from Malaysia; Hisyam Hamid and Nurul Aini from Singapore; and Isti Ayu Pratiwi from Indonesia. This is the second drama I heard combining actor from various country after Kusinero Cinta […] My Download Blog… Continue reading

Trailer, Poster & Stills : Cruel Romance C-Drama 2014

Cruel Romance is upcoming romance action Chinese drama. Cruel Romance features mainland Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming and Taiwanese actress Joe Chen as star-crossed lovers in 1930s Shanghai. Here is the trailer of Cruel Romance with English Subtitle; Cruel Romance C-Drama 2014 Plot Synopsis Adapted from a Republican-era novel called The Fate of Jinxiu, Cruel Romance […] My Download Blog Incoming search terms: drama projek memikat suami onli… Continue reading

Trailer and OST : No Game No Life 2014 Anime

Another new anime coming on Spring 2014, entitled No Game No Life. The first episode will start on April 9 2014. Here is the opening song of the anime (with lyrics), the song called ‘This Game’ by Konomi Suzuki. No Game Ni Life 2014 Trailer (No Subtitle) No Game No Life 2014 Anime Poster No […] My Download Blog… Continue reading